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How to safe/protect your data ,Windows XP

Always we facing problem when our windows corrupt due to infected by virus or any other reason. Windows not properly  start ,Main problem is hard disk has most important data. That time we think “if we had backup of our data we don’t have any tension we simply format our system and use our data”. So my tips about how to keep our data safe use guideline as given below: 1.Never store your data in c: drive mostly your operating system installed in c: drive (first partition of hard disk). 2.Never store your data in My documents,Location of My documents is c: drive. 3.Never store your data to desktop,location of desktop also in c: drive. 4.If you want to use My Document to store your data set “My  Documents folder” as steps given below: Make a folder in any partition of drive other then c: drive named “my Data”.

Right click on My Documents at desktop. Select Properties.Select Move..Browse and select “my data” folder.Press “Ok”Now all data transferred into my data folder.Now whenever you sa…

Fast your work in XP (2)

Fast your work Xp

Commands that make work fast in XP: Page 2

1.Registry Editor: Make changes to the windows registry. (C:\WINDOWS\regedit.exe) 2.Network diagnostics: network diagnostics’ scans your system to gather information about your hardware, software, and network connections. (C:\WINDOWS\system32\netsh.exe diag gui) 3.Task Manager: Provides details about programs and processes running on your computer. (C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskmgr.exe) 4.System Restore: Restore computer to a previous state.  (C:\WINDOWS\system32\restore\rstrui.exe) 5.System Information: View advanced information about hardware and software settings. (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe) 6.System Properties: View basic information about your computer’s settings. ( C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysdm.cpl)
More Commands: Click here Page 1

Commands that fast your work in XP (1)

Work fast in Xp
Some time we want we work fast on the computer, so I am giving some commands tips that make your work fast, Press window key+r and type following commands give you results as given below:
1.About Windows: Shows the version of Windows currently installed on the system. (winver.exe) 2.Command Prompt: Open a command prompt window. (cmd.exe) 3.Event Viewer: Display monitoring and troubleshooting messages from windows and another program. (eventvwr.msc)
4.Internet options: Internet Explorer Settings. (C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetcpl.cpl ) 5.Internet Protocol Configuration: IPCONFIG is a command line tool used to control network connection on Windows-based computers. (C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k C:\WINDOWS\system32\ipconfig.exe)

More click here: Page 2

How to backup your internet explorer favorites

Backup of IE favorites
It's easy to backup your internet explorer favorites( Os-XP, Version-8).
Follow step by step as below :

1. Start.
2. Run.
3. Type C:\Documents and Settings\user (here replace username)

4. Copy Favorites (looks like star icon)
5. And paste to your backup folder or pen-drive.
6. Whenever you want to restore paste on the same location.

How to restore your firefox 13.0.1 Bookmarks

Restore Bookmarks(Firefox 13.0.1)
If you have  backup of firefox bookmarks you can easily restore it .( See how to backup your bookmarks)
Here step by step way to restore your backup :
1. Open Firefox
2. Click on Bookmarks
3. Show all Bookmarks.

4. Import and Backup.
5. Restore.
6. Choose file (Here choose file which you have already taken backup)
7. Done..

How to backup Bookmarks of Mozilla Firefox

Whenever we format our computer lost our favorite bookmarks,So this is about " How to backup our favorite Bookmarks "(Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1)

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Click on Bookmarks.
3. Show All Bookmarks.

4. Click on Import and Backup.
5. Click on Backup.
6. Save File and copy it to your pen drive before you format your computer.
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It is always safe take your backup in good quality hard disk

How to clear Mozilla Firefox browsing history

It's easy to clear your Mozilla firefox browsing history. (Firefox 13.0.1)
1. Go to Tools
2. Clear recent history...Ctrl+Shift+Del

3. Select options from box and press clear now ... Done
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How to clear Internet Explorer Browsing History

It,s easy to clear Internet Explorer Browsing history.I am explaining how to clear your IE (ver-8) browsing history follow steps as below.
1. Open IE 
2. Click on tools.
3. Click on Internet options.
4. In Browsing History  choose option as you like and clear your browsing history.
5. Now ok and close your browser and restart.

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How to clear chrome browsing history

Clear chrome browsing historyIt's very easy to clear your all browsing history of google chrome.
1. Go to the right corner of your browser and click as given below.

2. Click on settings.
3. Click on history.
4. Click on "Clear all browsing data...."
5. A box appears select option as below.
6. Select an option and click on clear browsing data.
7. Now click on "clear all data"( this is also made your computer speed performance. )
8. Now use your Chrome browser.

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