6 July 2012

How to clear chrome browsing history

It's very easy to clear your all browsing history of google chrome.
1. Go to right corner of your browser and click as given below.

clean chrome history
Right Corner of Google Chrome

2. Click on settings.
3. Click on history.
4. Click on "Clear all browsing data...."
5. A box appear select option as below.
6. Select option and click on clear browsing data.
7. Now click on "clear all data"( this is also made your computer speed performance. )
8. Now use your Chrome browser.

clear browsing data
Clear Browsing data
See also : How to clear browsing history Internet Explorer,Firfox

1 comment:

  1. Nice post... In fact Chrome offers an Incognito mode it which it does not maintain history.. So you can simply right click on any of the tab or button on the browser and select the option "Open in Incognito Window". Whatever you browser through this window goes not the record from your history.
    Google Chrome Support


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