11 July 2012

How to backup your internet explorer favorites

It's easy  to backup your internet explorer favorites( Os-xp, Version-8).
Follow step by step as below :

1. Start.
2. Run.
3. Type C:\Documents and Settings\user (here replace user name)

Backup Favorites

4. Copy Favorites (looks like star icon)
5. And paste to your backup folder or pen-drive.
6. Whenever you want to restore paste on same location.

1 comment:

  1. Nice post.. In case of Windows 7, you need to go to Start > IE > Click favorites button > click the arrow next to the Add to favorites button > click Import and Export. The Import/Export dialog box will appear. Click Export to file and then click Next. Select the favorites Checkbox and then click Next. Now select the folder where you want to export your favorites and then click Export.
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