24 September 2012

Backup of Tally Data

It's very easy how to take backup of tally data. Before backup your data, create a folder ( In your local drive or pen drive or any network drive )and give name as you can easily remember like: back,tally backup or my tally data etc.

how to backup tally
Use back space to change Source and Destination

backup tally
Use arrow key to make selection if more then on company.

  •  Run tally
  •  Press alt+F3
  •  Select Backup
  •  Select company (Use up and down arrow key )
  •  Press backspace to change Source and destination (source: where to backup,  generally  from C:\tally\data  Destination: where to stored your data. Example: If you made a folder, named "back" in pen drive, Give path  H:\back (H:, G:,  I: or whatever showing your pen drive in my computer.
  • Press Enter 
  • Accept ? YES,NO
  • Your backup safely taken. 

15 September 2012

How to change your screen resolution XP

Here is some steps to change your screen resolution in os XP.

1. Right click on your desktop.

Click to enlarge

2. Click on properties.
3. Click on settings.

Click to enlarge

4. Move to change resolution.

screen resolution
Click to enlarge

5. Confirm if resolution set as your requirement.

Apply setting
Click to enlarge

Now screen resolution set as your requirement.

26 August 2012

Final under 19 cricket world cup 2012


final u-19 cricket world cup
Final U-19 Cricket World cup 2012

Toss - India Under-19s won the toss and elected to Field.
Australia set 226 run target for India in Townsville on Sunday. India achieved target in 47.4 over.
Score Board Australia U-19 innings
C Bancroft lbw b Sandeep 2
J Peirson b Sandeep 0
M Buchanan c Patel b Ravikant 12
K Patterson b Aparajith 16
W Bosisto not out 87
T Head run out 37
A Turner c Chand b Sandeep 43
A Gregory c Nath b Sandeep 4
J Paris run out 0
G Sandhu not out 10
Extras: (b-1, lb-5, w-6, nb-2) 14
Total: (8 wickets; 50 overs) 225
Fall of wickets: 1-2, 2-8, 3-38, 4-38, 5-103, 6-196, 7-204, 8-206
Sandeep Sharma 10-2-54-4,
K Passi 9-0-44-0,
Ravikant Singh 9-0-41-1,
B Aparajith 10-0-31-1,
Harmeet Singh 10-1-36-0,
U Chand 2-0-13-0.

Score Board India U-19 innings

Prashant Chopra-0           (c J Peirson b M Steketee )
Unmukt Chand(C)-111     (not out)
Baba Aparajith-33            ( c A Turner b G Sandhu)
Hanuma Vihari-4              (c & b Ashton Turner)
Vijay-1                              (  c J Peirson b J Paris)
Patel-62(wk)                    (Not out)


24 August 2012

Log off automatically problem in xp

Some time when we start our computer and try to log on, Log off automatically. Mostly it is due to virus attack. Here is simple tips to solve the problem:

1. Use ERD software CD or log on from network computer.
2. To edit your registry go to registry editor.
3. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Windows NT\Currentversion\winlogon

registry edit
Registry Editor (click on picture to enlarge)

4. Modify values in right pan as shown in picture (right click and modify).

modify registry value shell userinit
Modify registry value (click on picture to enlarge)

5. Start your computer now its start normally.
If any other problem don't hesitate to write me you can ask me in comments. 

23 August 2012

Under 19 cricket world cup 2012 semi-final

under 19 cricket world cup

India beat New Zealand by 9 runs and reach in final. India U-209 for 9, New Zealand U-200 for 9. Now India under 19 will play with Australia in the final on August 26th.New Zealand needed 18 off the last over,they got eight only.

20 August 2012

Miss world 2012 Yu Wenxia

 Miss China Yu Wenxia (a 23-year-old music teacher )of China won the  title of Miss World on Saturday at the Ordos Stadium Arena in inner Mongolia, China Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012.

miss world 2012 yu wenxia
Yu Wenxia (Miss world 2012)     

Final held in Ordos,China on the edge of the Gobi desert.Last year's winner ,Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela, handed over her crown to Wenxia.

In the question and answer round asked about  who should win the miss world title, She said,” When I was young I felt very lucky because so many people helped me, and I hope in the future I can help more children to feel lucky,”.Yu Winxia defeated 115 participants and won the title.

12 August 2012

Yamuna Expressway Greater Noida-Agra

The much awaited Yamuna Expressway finally open for public .

yamuna expressway
Yamuna Expressway

  • It was inaugurated by UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.
  •  Distance : 165 KM ( Greater Noida -Agra) 35km less in distance as compared to the alternate route.
  • 6 lanes wide (expandable to 8 lanes)
  • No toll-tax till 15th August.
  • After 15th August toll tax will be charged as:
         Four wheeler Rs. 320.00 *LMV
         Two wheeler Rs. 150.00
  • Speed limit : 100 KM per hour.
  • 3 toll booths(Jewar, Mathura and Agra)
  • The total cost of the project is Rs. 12,000 crore.  

5 August 2012

jo mera hai woh tera hai video Lyrics airtel

Airtel has released new ad video based on "Friendship" theme to attract youth. Just right before the friendship day August 5th 2012.

Lyrics of "Jo mera hai woh tera hai"

i,me,myself.. boring hai
"us" and "we" interesting hai
internet hai toh friendship hai
friendship hai toh sharing hai
jo mera hai woh tera hai
jo tera hai woh mera
jo mera hai woh tera hai
jo tera hai woh mera
hey! ungliyon se mujhe drag karle
mazze ke har pal tag kar le
mera naasta tera cup plate ho
feeling teri mera update ho
jokes pe mere wink bhejde
jaaye tu jahaan mujhe link bhej de
jo mera hai woh tera hai
jo tera hai woh mera
jo mera hai woh tera hai
jo tera hai woh mera
jeb teri mera kharcha ho
blog mera tera charcha ho
mein aur tu se hum bane
hum se bane hum sab
sab se jude toh zindagi
hey zindagi wassup!!
tera bike mera hike
tera post mera like
tera sur mere geet
tera gossip mera tweet
padhoon har ek look
tera face mera book
mera sukh tera sukh
tera dukh mera dukh
jo mera hai woh tera hai
jo tera hai woh mera
jo mera hai woh tera hai
jo tera hai woh mera

Lyrics: Amithab Bhattacharya
Music: Ram Sampath


25 July 2012



One of my friends found difficult to search MSI K9AGM3 VGA DRIVER so I am giving link for all who wants the same driver available on msi site click here.  
This is for XP 32 if wants more driver please find here: MAIN BOARD MSI K9AGM3-FIH

20 July 2012

How to safe/protect your data ,Windows XP

safe data

Always we facing problem when our windows corrupt due to infected by virus or any other reason.
Windows not properly  start ,Main problem is hard disk has most important data.
That time we think “if we had backup of our data we don’t have any tension we simply format our system and use our data”.
So my tips about how to keep our data safe use guideline as given below:
1.       Never store your data in c: drive mostly your operating system installed in c: drive (first partition of hard disk).
2.       Never store your data in My documents,Location of My documents is c: drive.
3.       Never store your data to desktop,location of desktop also in c: drive.
4.       If you want to use My Document to store your data set “My  Documents folder” as steps given below:
                    Make a folder in any partition of drive other then c: drive named “my Data”.

my data
Transfer all files to "My Data" folder
  • Right click on My Documents at desktop. 
  • Select Properties.
  • Select Move..
  • Browse and select “my data” folder.
  • Press “Ok”
  • Now all data transferred into my data folder.
  • Now whenever you save your data in my documents automatically it transfer to my data folder ,so no need to backup your data.
It’s always easy to format operating system (We know that no data in c: drive)

12 July 2012

Commands that fast your work in XP (2)

Commands that make work fast in XP: Page 2

1.       Registory Editor : Make changes to the windows registry.
2.       Network diagnostics: network diagnostics’ scans your system to gather information about your hardware, software, and network connections.
                 (C:\WINDOWS\system32\netsh.exe diag gui)
3.       Task Manager: Provides details about programs and processes running on your computer.
4.       System Restore: Restore computer to a previous state. 
5.       System Information: View advanced information about hardware and software settings. (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe)
6.       System Properties : View basic information about your computer’s settings.
      ( C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysdm.cpl)

More Commands: Click here Page 1

Commands that fast your work in XP (1)

Some time we wants we work fast on computer, so I am giving some commands tips that make your work fast, Press window key+r and type following commands gives you results as given below:

1.       About Windows: Shows the version of Windows currently installed on the system.
2.       Command Prompt: Open a command prompt window.
3.       Event Viewer: Display monitoring and troubleshooting messages from windows and other program.
fast work

4.       Internet options: Internet Explorer Settings.
                  (C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetcpl.cpl )
5.       Internet Protocol Configuration: IPCONFIG is a command line tool used to control network connection on Windows-based computers.
                 (C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /k C:\WINDOWS\system32\ipconfig.exe)

More click here : Page 2

11 July 2012

How to backup your internet explorer favorites

It's easy  to backup your internet explorer favorites( Os-xp, Version-8).
Follow step by step as below :

1. Start.
2. Run.
3. Type C:\Documents and Settings\user (here replace user name)

Backup Favorites

4. Copy Favorites (looks like star icon)
5. And paste to your backup folder or pen-drive.
6. Whenever you want to restore paste on same location.

How to restore your firefox 13.0.1 Bookmarks

If you have  backup of firefox bookmarks you can easily restore it .( See how to backup your bookmarks)
Here step by step way to restore your backup :
1. Open firefox
2. Click on Bookmarks
3. Show all Bookmarks.
restore bookmarks
Restore Firefox Bookmarks

4. Import and Backup.
5. Restore.
6. Choose file (Here choose file which you have already taken backup)
7. Done..

9 July 2012

How to backup Bookmarks of Mozilla Firefox

Whenever we format our computer lost our favorite bookmarks,So this is about " How to backup our favorite Bookmarks "(Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1)

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Click on Bookmarks.
3. Show All Bookmarks.
backup firefox bookmarks
Backup Bookmarks of Mozilla Firefox

4. Click on Import and Backup.
5. Click on Backup.
6. Save File and copy it to your pen drive before you format your computer.
See Also "How to restore your favorite bookmarks ?"

8 July 2012

How to clear Mozilla Firefox browsing history

It's easy to clear your Mozilla firefox browsing history. (Firefox 13.0.1)
1. Go to Tools
2. Clear recent history...Ctrl+Shift+Del

clear firefox browsing history
Clear firefox browsing history

3. Select options from box and press clear now ... Done
Also see : Clear browsing history : Chrome, Internet Explorer 

7 July 2012

How to clear Internet Explorer Browsing History

It,s easy to clear Internet Explorer Browsing history.I am explaining how to clear your IE (ver-8) browsing history follow steps as below.
1. Open IE 
2. Click on tools.
3. Click on Internet options.
4. In Browsing History  choose option as you like and clear your browsing history.
5. Now ok and close your browser and restart.
internet option
Internet Option

Also see : Clear browsing history : Chrome, Firefox

6 July 2012

How to clear chrome browsing history

It's very easy to clear your all browsing history of google chrome.
1. Go to right corner of your browser and click as given below.

clean chrome history
Right Corner of Google Chrome

2. Click on settings.
3. Click on history.
4. Click on "Clear all browsing data...."
5. A box appear select option as below.
6. Select option and click on clear browsing data.
7. Now click on "clear all data"( this is also made your computer speed performance. )
8. Now use your Chrome browser.

clear browsing data
Clear Browsing data
See also : How to clear browsing history Internet Explorer,Firfox

5 July 2012

how to submit your blog to technorati

First of all you have to sign up for Technorati and fill up form about your profile and blog .After submit your blog claim on Technorati you get a mail : "Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the site "your" by looking for a unique code. We have just assigned the claim token KM8GKDDSUVHE to this claim. Please visit for more details, including how to use the claim token."

Please put the following short code KM8GKDDSUVHE within a new blog post and publish it. This code must appear in the published post and it must also appear in your corresponding RSS feed once published.
Please note code : KM8GKDDSUVHE given to me for my blog.

4 July 2012

I-ball Andi 4d Price and Features

Andi 4d (Android OS mobile) a new tech phone with all added new features.

andi 4d
I-ball Andi 4d

with a 1 GHZ processor and 4-inch display.
  1.     Touchscreen (without key pad)
  2.     Wi-fi connect
  3.     Bluetooth
  4.     3g
  5.     Dual sim (GSM Network)
  6.     With front and back camera (front camera with 5 megapixel)
  7.     Memory card support
  8.     SMS,MMS
  9.     FM Radio, Video-Player
  10.   With Android apps
Price Approx. Rs. 9400.0

25 June 2012

Advik AD-211 Speaker

advik ad-211
Advik AD-211
I use Advik multimedia speaker AD-211, Small  for low space,You can use it with laptop or computer.
with usb power.Available in market in two color white and black . Clear sound with woofer and volume control switch.

26 May 2012

Rowdy Rathore

akshay rowdy rathore

Movie                         : Rowdy Rathore
Realease Date         : June 1st 2012
Genre                        : Action
Star Cast                  : Akshay Kumar,Sonkshi Sinha,Kareena Kapoor,
              Prabhu Deva (SA)
Director                    : Prabhu Deva
Music Director        : Sajid Wajid
Producer                 : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

2 May 2012

Exam Results india

exam results india

30 April 2012

Jannat 2

Jannat 2 is a upcoming  crime thriller film and a sequel to the 2008 hit film, Jannat, which was written by Vishesh Bhatt and directed by Kunal Deshmukh.

movie jannat2
jannat 2               : A Sequel To The 2008 Flim Jannat
Realease Date   : May 4th 2012.
Genre                 : Crime,Thriler.
Star Cast            : Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hoda, Prachi Desai And More.
Director             : Kunal Deshmukh.
Producer            : Mahesh Bhatt
Director             : Kunal Deshmukh

11 April 2012

Airtel 4G

Bharti Airtel on Tuesday (April 10th 2012) launched its first 4G LTE mobile telephony services in Kolkata. Launched by Mr. Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India
4G will allow superfast access upto 100 mbps .HD video streaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading,downloading of photos , TV watching and much more will now be just a click away . Best For economic growth the reach of e-governance, e-health and e-education services.
Tariff Plans : Visit to Airtel official site plans available for prepaid and post paid customers.

5 April 2012



HOUSEFULL 2 movie releasing on April 6, 2012 in India. Housefull 2 movie is the sequel to the 2010 hit movie "Housefull".

Star Cast : Akshay Kumar, Asin,John Abraham and more.

Producer:Sajid Nadiadwala

Director : Sajid Khan

World premiere : the Festive Grand Theatre at Resort World Sentosa

Music Director :Sajid, Wajid

Lyricist :Sameer

Item song : Anarkali Disco chali (The song and dance are beautifully synced and choreographed.)

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