Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How to connect free Wifi

How to use wifi

Anybody can use free your friend's or relative's wifi data,You can use in your mobile,laptop and your desktop .
how to connect free wifi
How to connect wifi


here are simple steps:

1. For mobile go to your mobile settings and on your wi-fi and your wifi search for available network.

2. Select your network and click on it.

3. Network ask your password.

4. Type correct password and you will be connected to network.

    Now you can use internet.

5. Same for your Desktop and Laptop Go to your wireless network which is available in bottom right.

6. Click on it, select your network and click, ask password after give right password you can connect to the internet.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Backup of Tally Data

It's very easy how to take backup of tally data. Before backup your data, create a folder ( In your local drive or pen drive or any network drive )and give name as you can easily remember like: back,tally backup or my tally data etc.

how to backup tally
Use back space to change Source and Destination

backup tally
Use arrow key to make selection if more then on company.

  •  Run tally
  •  Press alt+F3
  •  Select Backup
  •  Select company (Use up and down arrow key )
  •  Press backspace to change Source and destination (source: where to backup,  generally  from C:\tally\data  Destination: where to stored your data. Example: If you made a folder, named "back" in pen drive, Give path  H:\back (H:, G:,  I: or whatever showing your pen drive in my computer.
  • Press Enter 
  • Accept ? YES,NO
  • Your backup safely taken. 

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